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1 Easy Capraise Case Studies

Explore our collection of engaging case studies showcasing our tailored documentation services, assisting businesses across diverse stages in attaining their fundraising goals.

1 Bakex Main


BakeX is an automation company in Canada that focuses on automating the production lines for bakeries, and their focus areas are Vancouver, Toronto, and Chicago.

2 Hoolia Main


Samuel Terburg, co-founder of Hoolia, established the company in the Netherlands in 2015. Hoolia is a specialized Managed Services Provider for Containerized Applications using OpenShift Container Platform technology.

3 bookmydine Main


Bookmydine is the one-stop for users to get information about dining out or in! Users can explore restaurants in their city, order food online for home delivery and takeaway, and reserve tables at restaurants they plan to visit.

4 Baw Main

Baw Ventures

Baw Ventures is a $50M fund positioning for synergies among promising industries with the hope of having “Equal Opportunity For Everyone”.

0 H2OM


H2OM stands as a premium sustainable activewear brand, delivering top-quality products crafted from recycled materials and upholding ethical manufacturing practices

0 Energizer


MultiEnergizer pioneers revolutionary light therapy solutions, built on years of scientific research in the field of treatment

0 Starbet


Starbet, a dynamic betting company in Nigeria, blends innovation with user-friendly online and retail platforms, attracting thousands of enthusiastic Nigerian gamblers.

0 The Chess Game

The Chess Game

A compelling drama film, ‘The Chess Game’ is currently in the pre-production stage. 

0 Al Shams

Al Shams

Elevating Islamic modest fashion globally, Al Shams, a leading player in the industry, partnered with EasyCapraise to secure financing, projecting $5.9M in revenue with a 33% EBITDA margin by 2026, as they expand their manufacturing facilities in Dubai and venture into the global wholesale market.



Transforming MBA education for entrepreneurs, the Global School of Entrepreneurship (GSE) partnered with EasyCapraise to secure $2M in funding, enabling the global expansion of their revolutionary online courses designed to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs and key executives, with a projected $2.7M in revenue by 2025.

0 TriYum


Revolutionizing food delivery, TriYum partnered with EasyCapraise to secure essential funds through a compelling pitch deck and financial model. With a projected $2.6M in revenue and an impressive 47% EBITDA margin by 2025, TriYum is poised to establish itself as the most trusted and preferred food delivery platform, redefining industry standards with fair compensation for drivers, reasonable restaurant fees, and a seamless customer experience