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When collaborating with our team, you will be provided with exceptional service that is tailored to your specific needs. We will work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives, evaluating your narrative, statistics, and preferred course of action. We may advise you to consider alternative approaches or bring your attention to previously unexplored opportunities. Once we have reached a mutual agreement, we will begin our work. Our deliverables are of Wall Street caliber, with the capacity to cost up to $100,000 if procured from investment banks. In comparison, our superior output is offered at a much lower price point.

No, we only work based on a fixed price and we work in cash.

You certainly can. But our clients typically raise millions of dollars (and tens, and hundreds of millions), and they typically ask us to do it for them because they want and need:
Real Life Hands-on Experience. We’ve actually sat in front of hundreds of investors and pitched. We have a track record of success & the battle scars of failure to prove it. We bring time-tested strategies to our clients, so they know what works & what to avoid – before going in front of investors. Because, when you’re asking an investor to write a check this size, no one is rolling the dice – not you, not them.

Crystal-Clear Messaging. No fluff, no BS. Because even with the most beautifully-designed deck, if the message is subpar then you’ll get torpedoed. Investors can sniff out a faker.

Investor-Specific Financial Acumen. Our financial models have been used to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for both privately-owned & publicly-listed businesses. Most “financial modelers” have never even met a true investor, and are incentivized to over-engineer their models. This makes it more complex for you to explain. And if it’s complicated for you to explain, it’s exponentially more complicated for an investor –who doesn’t know anything about your business- to understand & internalize. We know what’s needed, and where the fine line is between the level of details that is  “enough for an investor to make a decision” and “this-is-way-too-confusing-I’m-passing”.

Ultra-Premium Look & Feel. An amazing story gets taken to the next level with outstanding design. And It’s an absolute necessity for certain industries. For example, you can’t ask an investor to fund a Consumer business whose pitch deck looks like a 5-year-old drew it.

A Second Set of Eyes. If something sounds stupid – meaning that it has the potential to cause an investor train wreck – we’ll speak up.

…All Under One Roof. No need to find six different providers for seven different services. We handle it all, in-house.

The timeline of our engagement is a collaborative effort, and is subject to the level of involvement and initiative demonstrated by our esteemed clients. We fully recognize that our clients are occupied with managing their daily operations, and have extensive lists of tasks to complete. In view of this, we recommend allowing for an estimated duration of 3 weeks from the time of our initial Project Call to receipt of your completed deliverable.

If your feedback takes 72 hours to be returned, it is plausible that the timeline may require additional time. However, if you are prompt and timely in your responses, and maintain a proactive approach in scheduling meetings, we may be able to expedite the turnaround time.

We have turned around investor-ready Pitch Decks & Business Plans in 10 days before, and they were used to raise over $20,000,000 within 4 weeks of Project completed. There is an additional charge – but if you need a fast turnaround for a big meeting, ask us and we’ll try to accommodate.

Typically, our clients spend between 3 and 5 hours total (in addition to scheduled project calls).

We offer our valued clients the option to request two complimentary revisions, within a period of 10 days from receipt of the initial version. Should you require further modifications beyond this timeframe, we do provide the flexibility to engage in additional rounds of revisions, which can be arranged as a supplementary service.

We deliver the final version of all our projects in fully-editable format (PPTX, XLSX, etc.)

Our tight-knit team includes former Investment Bankers, professional TV & theater screenwriters, and graphic designers with decades of experience.

Asking someone for money is hard. Some investors view dozens of proposals a week. They’re looking for an easy excuse to say no. If your proposal doesn’t follow the correct form, that can be all it takes for them to overlook an otherwise brilliant idea. Once you’ve got the form right, your next challenges are style and content.
The Easy Capraise team has written hundreds of business plans, pitch decks, white papers and one-pagers for an incredible variety of businesses. We’ve been there and done that. If you haven’t, you should talk to us. You know your business better than we do, but after talking with you, and learning what you’re trying to achieve, we can probably help you articulate your business to investors better than you can do on your own.

Our top priority is to consistently deliver exceptional results, and to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the quality of our work. To achieve this objective, we have implemented the following measures:
1.We have designed our process in a manner that provides early insights into the effectiveness of our approach, thus enabling clients to provide feedback that facilitates course correction and refinement.
2. Our agreements have been structured to provide clients with the assurance that in the event of dissatisfaction with the Final Version of the document, they can offer additional feedback and suggestions for revision within the scope of the original agreement.
3. Furthermore, we offer our clients the flexibility to request additional rounds of revisions if the need for adjustments arises, even several months after the completion of our initial work. We encourage you to peruse our Reviews, which provide valuable insights into the experiences of our previous clients.

We get this question a lot. You’ve probably discovered there are a lot of DIY business plan sites, and lots of companies and freelancers who will make your documents on the cheap. We’re guessing it went wrong because they either did exactly what you said, and you’ve realized there’s a value proposition missing, or it ended up looking like it was spit out by a translato-bot.

In short, we’re better because of who we are. We don’t think making a good case for your business is intuitive, or a paint-by-numbers kind of thing. If you wouldn’t engage a lawyer or auditor on DIY/cheap labor terms, then whatever logic got you to that point has clearly guided you here.

You can be  really good at your business, and not be the right person to write your business plan. It’s all about perspective.

We’re a team that sought out the best of the best in each of the areas needed to deliver dynamite pitches & business plans.

Together, we’ll help your proposal stand up and stand out. We may even discover opportunities for your business that you weren’t aware of.

We cannot guarantee you’ll raise capital. In fact, no one can guarantee you’ll raise capital unless they’re a licensed Broker-Dealer who has agreed to underwrite your capital raise, and buy your offered securities themselves in the event that others will not.
What we can say is that more than half our clients successfully raise capital.


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Subscribe to Easy Capraise newsletter:
Stay up to date with the latest capital
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