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The Easy Capraise team is tactically sound and possesses strong expertise in capital raising. Their ability to dissect a business and develop robust business plans is truly impressive. Moreover, their excellent communication skills ensure smooth collaboration, and they consistently deliver their work on time.

Guru Yerramilli, Global Business Lead

The Easy Capraise team played a crucial role in our successful funding process by swiftly curating a comprehensive pitch deck, forecasts, and valuation model. Their expertise and support were instrumental in achieving our funding goals.

Ashley Black
Brandy Hipp, Chief Financial Officer

It was my fourth project with Easy Capraise and not our last. His team has been fantastic.
Before I met Easy Capraise, I was stuck with our project investment deck; I needed help to get the storyboard right.
Easy Capraise team is super talented; they did their research to quickly understand our industry and company, deftly mapped out our investment strategy and were able to pull together our pitch deck storyboard and design in a concise and impactful way. Easy Capraise assisted us in completing the fundraising for two projects.
If you are looking for an all-in-one team that can help you craft your narrative, define your product strategy and selling points, and then wrap it up in an attractive bow (design and layout), then this is your team.
I look forward to working with them again!

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Relevant Living
Scott Barack, Partner, Head of Investments

I had the pleasure of working with Easy Capraise on a capital raising project. They are excellent, resourceful, and skilled professionals who are results-oriented. I highly recommend them for their ability and experience, plus you will love working with them!


Ahmed Khbeer, Managing Partner & Group CEO

I found Gurgen and Easy Capraise when I was in real need of finding consultants to help support capital raising for my startup. I had for several weeks been working on documents on my own to help portray my business in a desirable light to investors, but the financial modeling, as well as pitching to investors, was something that was way completely foreign to me, beyond my skill set and I knew I needed support in. When I found Easy Capraise, I felt like I could take a breath for the first time, as this is what they are set up to do. Help founders like me feel supported in taking their business to the next level. I am grateful for Gurgen and his team, who were friendly, reliable, organized, experienced, and went above and beyond to make sure my satisfaction was met. They listened to my concerns and desires and received all feedback with grace. The final product they provided me far exceeded my expectations, and I could not have done this without them. I am hopeful that with the documents Gurgen & his team provided me with, my business will have the opportunity to thrive. Thank you, Easy Capraise, for your expertise and support!

Logo H2OM
Abby Brown, Founder/CEO

As an entrepreneur with no real experience with writing a business plan, I was very intentional and particular with the qualifications and values I expected from the company that was going to help me get the job done. For technical skills, I wanted to work with someone who had knowledge of and experience in professional capital raising, business plan writing, financial strategy planning, and pitch deck development. Soft skills that I anticipated in my collaboration with the selected candidate included patience, as I had lots of ideas, articles, and written notes for my business plan all over the place. Someone who uses active listening and not only takes direction but also asks questions for both clarification and to make recommendations on alternative pathways to executing the end project. I also wanted to work with someone who could feel equally passionate about the concept I’m bringing to life and be responsive, as I was working on a deadline to complete this project in a few weeks. Easy Capraise met all of these attributes and more. I could not have done this without them – literally. I tried for over a year, and they swooped in and took care of pulling all of my materials together to create a cohesive business plan that I not only feel confident about presenting to potential funders but, more importantly, to use as the compass guiding my next steps into my new professional path. If you want a team who exceeds expectations, is prompt in both responding to questions and getting milestones completed and also acts as a teammate for your business, I highly recommend Easy Capraise. I also plan to continue working with them as my business will need financial guidance, and since they already know my vision and we have a trusting relationship, it just makes sense to have them by my side! Thanks, team.

The ZENtertainer
Marisha Dixon, Founder

Easy Capraise played a significant role in our capital raising efforts. They prepared a pitch deck for our biofuel plant setup, showcasing our project in a compelling and professional manner. The Easy Capraise team is super professional, diligent, and thorough in their work. Their concrete financial models and pitch decks have been instrumental in attracting potential investors. Not only do they consistently deliver right on time, often ahead of schedule, but they also excel in project management, making the entire process seamless. They quickly grasped the project requirements, demonstrating their solid business acumen. Working with them for the past few months has been a pleasure, and I highly recommend their services. I plan to continue collaborating with Easy Capraise, as their approach and commitment to meeting project requirements have exceeded my expectations. Thank you, team, for your hard work and dedication. I truly appreciate it and look forward to our future collaborations.

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Frost & Sullivan
Mahendra Chahar, Senior Consultant

Working with Easy Capraise was an amazing experience. My whole team was extremely impressed with the work they produced. They absolutely went above & beyond our expectations, and we definitely plan to work with them on a continuous basis. Their understanding of capital raising proved to be extremely beneficial for our project. I highly recommend Easy Capraise and its outstanding work ethic.

Michael Bozzelli, Chief Creative Officer

The Easy Capraise team played a crucial role in our capital raising journey. Their professionalism and expertise in the investment field were evident throughout our collaboration. Their work was meticulous, going above and beyond our expectations. We were thoroughly impressed with the thoroughness and attention to detail they demonstrated. Working with Easy Capraise was a great investment in itself, and we have no hesitation in recommending their services. We look forward to future collaborations with them.

Saed Rashed, CEO

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Easy Capraise!

Subscribe to Easy Capraise newsletter:
Stay up to date with the latest capital
raising trends from Easy Capraise!

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