startup pitch deck
startup pitch deck

How to Create a Startup Pitch Deck in 2024

As a startup, you might reach the point where you want to scale up your business and raise funds to accelerate your growth, and the first step to gaining investors…

As a startup, you might reach the point where you want to scale up your business and raise funds to accelerate your growth, and the first step to gaining investors is to have an impactful startup pitch deck to provide. First, you should know what a startup pitch deck is and how to create it. Let’s review all components of the startup pitch deck. 

What is a Startup Pitch Deck?

The pitch deck represents your startup’s story, goals, and solutions. This should be done in a way that attracts investors’ attention to invest in your company. Your startup pitch deck should be effective and simple because not all investors are experts in your industry. So, this presentation (pitch) should show your unique solution for the customer’s problem. Also, you should provide important details of your business. 

Why is a Startup Pitch Deck Important?

This is your first chance to fund your business and step into the real market. You should show that your business has the ability to be successful and let them learn about your business. If you have a powerful pitch deck, you can convince investors more easily. 

Tips for an Impactful Startup Pitch Deck

If you want to create a successful startup pitch deck, you should follow the structure below:


Highlight the pain points of consumers, explain in a crystal-clear way, and let them know about all issues. Use relevant visuals to make your pitch more attractive, and use real-life examples and statistics.  


On this part of your startup pitch deck, include a product or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) section to show your specific offer. The product section is important because your MVP product is very important for investors. It shows you have developed your product. So, this is a win-win story for you and your investors.

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In the MVP stage of startups, investors are looking for a clear product roadmap that shows that you have an accurate plan to launch each phase of your product, your journey, and how you want to achieve your goal in the business future. Visually show them how you got where you are today and include information about your goals. 


This is one of the most important parts of your pitch deck because investors care about it a lot. You should show data that supports your startup’s progress and growth. You have to bring metrics like the number of your users, revenue, and customer testimonials. You should build credibility and trust in this part of your startup pitch deck.


The go-to-market slide in your presentation describes how you intend to distribute your product or service to a specific group of customers. In most pitch decks, this means where and how you will start promoting your product or services. You should describe your sales strategy clearly and to the point. Investors want to know how your startup plans to generate revenue. The business model section explains your marketing strategy, pricing, sales channels, and customer acquisition.

Market Size

This part defines the overall market size and the portion your business will target. It is also known as TAM, which represents the maximum potential revenue a company can generate from its products or services. This is your investor’s right to know the whole market’s potential. 


By analyzing your competitors, you should explain about them and how you want to stand out from them. Here, you should highlight the advantages and how you want to catch them in the target market. 


In this part of your startup pitch deck, you should briefly introduce your key team members to the investors. Explain their ability and work. Investors often invest in the people behind the ideas. That’s why investors care a lot about the team slide in your presentation.

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Financial Projections

You should highlight your financial performance, including the revenue,  expense estimates, and when you expect to achieve profitability. Make it visual and organized, then clearly explain all the details.

Pitch Deck Design

startup pitch deck

Your startup pitch deck design is as important as your pitch deck content. Here are some tips for you:

  • Use a clean and professional layout.
  • Choose a consistent color scheme and font style.
  • Incorporate visuals, such as images, charts, and graphs.
  • Ensure that the text is legible and not overcrowded on each slide.
  • Tell a visual story that complements your narrative.

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What’s the most critical element in a startup pitch deck?

The most critical element is often the “Opportunity Statement.” This is where you clearly articulate the problem or opportunity your startup addresses, highlighting its significance and the gap your product or service fills.


Now you know how to create your startup pitch deck and the importance of each slide. We’ve provided different tips to make your way easy and faster. Now that you’ve learned all the necessary points from the problem slide of your presentation to the visual interface of your pitch deck, we wish you success in your capital-raising journey! 


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